In case you were wondering...

Break some rules

Religion, Nihilism, The Matrix, Persuasion - what do they all have in common? The world as we see and experience it is not real.

Whatever 'real' means.

We live in a world with made up rules, 'designed' by the humans who won. 'To keep us small' - whilst somewhat true - brings with it some emotional baggage which I'd like to distance myself from. They designed to rules to protect the status-quo, because, for them, the status-quo works quite nicely. They didn't intend to keep us... anything, really, they designed for themselves.

I started out playing Minecraft with the cheats disabled. Then I had them enabled accidentally once, and thought, well I suppose I could use just this one, it's not like I couldn't go punch the tree to get the wood, so I'm just saving time, not really cheating. You were probably thinking I would now write something along the lines of 'slippery slope', but no, that's not where I'm going. The truth is probably little more concerning than that; I actually stopped at just that one cheat, and I felt bad for having even done it, suddenly my achievements felt... less like achievements. And I was playing single player.

The thing is - without the strange limits and constraints which they place on us - a game isn't a game. I could play GTA in cheat mode all day, but that's more about appreciating art than it is 'playing a game'. A game is, and is only, a set of rules. Sometimes it's to structure competition between people (Sports, Chess, Goldeneye), and sometimes the rules themselves are the competition (Parkour, Solitaire, Zelda).

Life isn't a game. It's art. Go break some rules and enjoy it.