In case you were wondering...

How did you find the job you love?

My boss / customer has asked me to help find some new developers to work with me on our project.

I am a software developer, that can help me, and hinder me:

  • the good: I won't ask too many stupid questions on on job adds or on the phone.
  • the bad: I'll probably feel threatened by other good developers.
    So we will see how that goes.

But what do I write on the job add, and where do I post it?

In Australia, the 'standard' way to find staff and jobs is to post an add on 'seek.com.au'. It's pretty good. There's nothing specialised for developers, but there also aren't many jobs so generally you will be found.

I had a chat with the other recent recruits in the business about where they found out about this job, and I have to say I was disappointed. Not at them, but at the market. They were just applying for all jobs which they think they would get.

But our job doesn't seem 'normal' enough for that, let me give you a picture of why:

Our Joel score is... improving. We have a heavy workload. We have technical debt.
We also have a great team of very intelligent people who really know how to solve a problem, we have a great set of problems to solve, and we have money to solve them.

We have a huge javascript framework. Our own framework, based on the Aura project (https://github.com/aurajs/aura)
It's hard to learn. It's poorly documented. We didn't modularise properly. There are no tests.

So that means we need someone special. Someone who will LOVE that situation, not just tolerate it.

Personally, I couldn't stand working in a well established corporate project. I like creating new things in new ways. If the problem has been solved, I'm not your guy. That's why I love working on this project, and so I'm looking for other people who will love it too.

Where do I go? what do I post? Should I say superstar or ninja? (I HATE superstar and ninja, always makes me feel inadequate) Do I need a JavaScript developer, or any 'good' developer? Will jQuery help? Should I ask for a portfolio / github account? (My 'portfolio' makes me nervous)

So dear HN: If you love your job - where did you find out about it, and what stood out?

(The job is in Melbourne, Australia - maybe HN is the place to post it :-) )

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