In case you were wondering...

Break some rules

Religion, Nihilism, The Matrix, Persuasion - what do they all have in common? The world as we see and experience it is not real.

Whatever 'real' means.

We live in a world with made up rules, 'designed' by the humans who won. Did they design it 'to keep us small'? Probably, but that brings with it some emotional baggage which I'd like to distance myself from. They designed the rules to protect the status-quo, because the status-quo works for them, they didn't really have us in mind at all, they designed it for themselves.

Is the game working for you?

I'm a cheat-mode player. Minecraft: Unlimited resources, Transport Tycoon: What's this money thing all about. But not all-out - I still like some limits, because without them, it's not really a game at all.

So where is the cheat mode for life? I when people ask that question, they already know the answer. Then why do we ask? So that someone gives us permission to use them.

Here is your permission: Life isn't a game. Life is art. Go break some rules and enjoy it.